01 Mindset

Over the past 16+ years we have seen many companies, agencies, studios, co-creators, teams and workflows.  This is the Swipe Circus mindset, not our rule set.

  • Human to Human
    Instead of B2B, B2C or B2B2C. We are based on a Human 2 Human core. Not even the customer or the business is the center of our doing: It is the human being and it‘s evironment.
  • F*#K business card battles
    We are supporting each other and push your digital product to the next level. It doesn’t matter, if you are from company A, B or C. – We are always one team. Leave your ego at the door.
  • Establish sustainability
    Create longterm incentives with purpose. We lift up teams and companies, build products, that go beyond short term metrics. We really focus on providing value to all our stakeholders and create culture that incentivizes long-termin vision, strategies and outcomes.
  • Be nobody and say no
    Instead of asking why is nobody doing this, we can be the nobody and start doing it. – We play by the rules. As thinkers, visionaries, designers, strategists and makers we are critical of the business decisions that fly in the face of human interest. We respect privacy, democracy, love diversity and equality.
  • Take play seriously
    We respect joy and exploration. So we strengthen our creative muscles. Curious play inspires ideas we would not have found any other way. It unlocks joyful tomorrows. Working hands on, building prototypes and evaluating hypotheses to make your decisions comprehensible.
  • Always ask:
    Don’t be gullible. Never accept the first thought & make sure to challenge everything.
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